Rep. Winder did not have what would be considered a traditional "freshman's Session."  Rep. Winder arrived and from day one began to move important public policy. His legislation that provides grants to educators who help our kids in some of Utah's most challenging classrooms is one of the great achievements of this year's General Session. He's smart, collaborative, and most importantly, effective!

--Greg Hughes, Speaker of the House


New Laws Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by Rep. Mike Winder


HB 237 Concurrent Enrollment Enhancements Improves access to college credit for high school students

HB 264 Elementary School Counselor Program Grants for increasing mental health counselors in schools

HB 106 Education Grant Program for Individuals in the Justice System Pilot program to help prisoners gain skills to become gainfully employed and reduce recidivism

HB 408 Public Education Amendments creates the program Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic Education


HB 101 Air Quality Emissions Testing Amendments Improves emissions testing

HB 216 Jordan River Recreation Area Providing patrols, clean up, and recreational amenities

HB 331 Air Pollution Mitigation Education Program Teaching student drivers how to drive more efficiently

HCR 7 Concurrent Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship

SB 157 Residential Solar Energy Amendments Increases customer-friendliness of solar energy


HB 166 Division of State History Amendments Increases grant flexibility for cemetery restoration

HB 357 Evaluating Tax Revenue Forgone From Federally Controlled Lands


HB 12 Family Planning Services Amendments Saves the state millions by allowing poorest women access to birth control

HB 41 Mental Health Crisis Line Amendments Creates statewide mental health crisis line

HB 167 Incapacited Person Revisions Helps families with special needs individuals

HB 258 Women’s Cancer Screening Notification Amendments Strengthens the Mammogram Quality Assurance Act


HB 126 Offender Housing Amendments Better distributes community correctional centers

HB 269 Identity Theft Paraphernalia Provisions Cracks down on identity theft


HB 281 Voter Eligibility Amendments Allows 17 year-olds who will be 18 by November to vote in Primary election

HB 35 Municipal Alternate Voting Methods Pilot Project Allows cities to experiment with rank-choice voting


Bills Sponsored or Co-sponsored by Rep. Mike Winder


HB 27 Interstate Compact on Military Children Amendments, helping kids of those in uniform

HB 54 Campus Free Speech Amendments, protecting college student expression

HB 126 Student Plan for College and Career Readiness Revisions, helping students, parents, and counselors by standardizing language used in college prep plans

HB 212S3 Incentive for Effective Teachers in High Poverty Schools, $5,000 bonuses to attract and retain top teachers in low income schools


HB 96 Petroleum Vapor Recovery Amendments, requires more efficient gasoline cargo tanks

HB 104 Motor Vehicle Emission, allows counties to use existing vehicle fees to help air quality

HB 392 Air Quality Policy Advisory Board

HCR 5S1 Concurrent Resolution on Clean Fuel School Buses, dedicates Volkswagen settlement money to replace dirty diesel school buses with clean fuel buses

HCR 18 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Utahns to Consider the Smog Rating When Purchasing a Vehicle


HB 156S1 State Job Application Process, prohibits asking about criminal background before the interview stage

HB 240S2 Employability to Careers Program, pay for success program to boost job training

HJR 5 Joint Resolution Recognizing the Lunar New Year, and contributions of Asian Americans in Utah


HB 283S1 Child Homelessness Prevention, leverages Family Employment Program to help kids

HB 346S1 Suicide Prevention Programs, provides grant awards for most effective programs


HB 161 Pedestrian Safety Amendments, banning panhandling or any money exchange on roads 35 MPH or faster

HB 200 Sexual Assault Kit Processing Amendments, getting Utah’s backlog of rape kits tested

SB 23 Solicitation Amendments, cracking down on pimps, “Johns,” and sex trafficking